Movie Review : Too Big To Fail

After yesterday I reviewed The Big Short movie, now I’m gonna talk about a movie with similar plot : America’s financial crisis in 2008. But in this movie, the main plot is how government try every single possible way to prevent the economy from collapsing. From made a meeting with large bank CEOs, buying toxic asset from troubled company, and capital injection. Wait, don’t get … Continue reading Movie Review : Too Big To Fail

Movie Review : The Big Short (2015)

The Big Short, is a movie about a bunch of people who ‘saw’ a horrifying and shocking fact : American housing market will collapse. And in the mid 2008, it really happened. Finance crisis suddenly hit USA, and slowly affecting the world. This crisis happens because there’s housing bubble trend in American housing market, and all the big bank and big company and rating agencies … Continue reading Movie Review : The Big Short (2015)

Movie Review : Moneyball (2011)

If you like a business-theme movie wrapped in sport, you definitely will like Moneyball. A true story of Billy Beane, a general manager (GM) from Oakland Athletics baseball club. Even though the movie is about baseball, but the plot itself more focused on what happened behind the game. The story about player transfers, the recruitment process, and the club businesses is what you will get … Continue reading Movie Review : Moneyball (2011)

Movie Review : Duplicity (2009)

Have you ever wondered how multi-national corporation such as Nestle, Unilever, Coca Cola or Pepsi compete each others? If you curious, then surely you will like this movie. Duplicity, is a movie with corporate espionage theme which i think is still rare in nowadays movies. For your information, corporate espionage is a spying method used by a company to extract classified information from competitor. In … Continue reading Movie Review : Duplicity (2009)