Movie Review : The Big Short (2015)

The Big Short (2015). Directed by Adam McKay

The Big Short, is a movie about a bunch of people who ‘saw’ a horrifying and shocking fact : American housing market will collapse. And in the mid 2008, it really happened. Finance crisis suddenly hit USA, and slowly affecting the world. This crisis happens because there’s housing bubble trend in American housing market, and all the big bank and big company and rating agencies trying to hide it and turn it into an atomic bomb. And when the bomb finally exploded, many world-class company collapse and go bankrupt because their stocks keep falling down.

This movie is separated by a several part, telling us a story from each different character. From Michael Burry’s story, Jarred Vennet, Mark Baum, Jamie Shipley and Charlie Geller. Even though all of this stories have different plots, in the end they have a very same story : how they can survive from this nationwide crisis. In this movie, we will know how they found their way to go through this crisis, such as using credit default swaps, shorting housing market bonds, and also betting against AA’s Tranches. Confusing, right?


“Mortgage-backed securities. Subprime loans. Tranches. It’s pretty confusing, right? Does it make you feel bored? Or stupid? Well, it’s supposed to. Wall Street loves to use confusing terms to make you think only they can do what they do. Or even better,
for you to just leave them the fuck alone”

This is a direct quote from this movie. There’s a lot of business term that common people will not understand. Hell, even the plot itself really confusing for some people because they do not have enough knowledge about finance business. I personally understand 70% the content after I re-watched this movie for about 4-5 times. And even though I already watched this more then 10 times now, there’s still something I don’t understand. And I’m proud of that, because there’s still so much i can learn.

If you see the movie poster, you will know that this movie  is filled with a top-class actor such as Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Steve Carrel, Ryan Gosling and many more. And if you questioning their act, don’t. They are really-really-really a professional actor who shown us their class and quality. They really made us ‘play’ with their emotion. They can deliver that suspenseful, angry, sadness, and depression atmosphere with ease and natural. No wonder this movie have a high rating, winning 1 Oscar, and other 71 awards nomination.

Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Steve Carell, and Brad Pitt as the main character in The Big Short (2015)

I’m not gonna lie, this movie will make you depressed. But not the kind of depression that give you mentally-ill disease, but depression of humanity. Your soul will lost faith in humanity a little bit, because now you realize how greed can ruin everything. But still, you also will gain so much information and new knowledge. You will know the detailed reason behind finance crisis back in 2008, and what is it like to be a trader in American housing market.

This is one hell of a film, folks. High quality plot, high quality actor, high quality film. You will not regret watching this movie.


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