Movie Review : Duplicity (2009)


Have you ever wondered how multi-national corporation such as Nestle, Unilever, Coca Cola or Pepsi compete each others? If you curious, then surely you will like this movie. Duplicity, is a movie with corporate espionage theme which i think is still rare in nowadays movies.

For your information, corporate espionage is a spying method used by a company to extract classified information from competitor. In other words, world-class corporation are waging war with each others for secret formula, breakthrough product, or even unchallenged patent. In this movie, Equiqrom is in war with its nemesis, Burket & Randall. Equiqrom CEO sniffing out information about Burket & Randall super-secret product, that can make their stocks fall from the edge. By using his specialized counter-intelligence unit, Equiqrom try to find out and steal that Burket & Randal’s product formula.

when 2 CEO wage on all-out war, this what will happen

The main character in this movie is Ray Koval and Claire Stenwick, ex-government spy agent who try to steal that Burket & Randal’s product using elaborate many spying technique. Ray Koval (starred by Clive Owen) is an ex-M16 spy agent who’s recruited by Equiqrom specialized counter-intel unit. While Claire Stenwick (starred by Julia Robert) is an ex-American spy agents who’s now working undercover as Assitant Director of Counterintelligence in Burket & Randal. And then, their mischief, complex, and unexpected story of spying begin.

If you see this movie from story plot, I think it’s quite refreshing. Not only because this movie has a rare plot, the corporate espionage theme itself can be delivered by the director without too much serious-no-humour atmosphere. Added by a little (maybe much) drama-comedy scene, make this movie is fun to watch.  Clive Owen and Julia Roberts acting also very light and natural.  All the support character’s acting also helping build the story very well, and make the audience guessing what happens next, who’s betray who, and trying to figures out who’s the winner. And i can assure you, whatever your guesses, you’re still gonna get surprised by it’s ending. The plot twist is REAL.

Ray Koval (Clive Owen) and Claire Stenwick (Julia Roberts)

As a whole content, this movie is talking about how world-class company compete each others by using intelligence and spying technique, added with a some sort of drama-comedy. But make no mistake, you will get new knowledge, new point-of-view, and new information about what happens in business world out there. You didn’t know that developing new product in frozen pizza market can cost 1 billion dollars, right?

So, if you’re interested in a movie about business, you should definitely watch this movie. Don’t mind the rating. Trust me, it’s worth it.



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